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"A Step to Better Health"

Our clinic treats a variety of orthopedic conditions, including post surgical conditions such as total joint replacements, fractures, ACL reconstruction, shoulder rotator cuff repair, as well as general orthopedic conditions.  Some of the general conditions we treat are over-use injuries such as tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, neck pain, industrial accidents and arthritic conditions as well as post motor vehicle accidents.  We have a special interest in treating patients with sacroiliac joint dysfunction and fibromyalgia syndrome. 


A physical therapy evaluation is the first step in the rehabilitation process.  Once the evaluation is complete, the therapist will work with the patient to develop a treatment program to meet the individual patient’s needs.  Physical therapy is aimed at returning the patient to normal functional activities by increasing joint range of motion, increasing strength and reducing pain.  The rehabilitation process may also include work conditioning and work hardening exercises to expedite the patient’s return to work.  Scott County Physical Therapy, LLC, is equipped with various treatment modalities, wellness equipment and specific exercises to help reduce pain and inflammation.  Our clinic offers state of the art equipment to aid in the therapeutic process.  One of the treatment methods we offer is neuro-core kinetic training utilizing the Pilates method.  For this training, we use the Allegro Reformer manufactured by Balance Body.  This low impact form of Pilates training is extremely effective in building core strength.  This type of exercise is appropriate for everyone from geriatric patients to the professional athlete.  Your program will be guided by NCK certified professionals with the knowledge of biomechanics and the ability to accommodate you regardless of your experience of fitness level.


We also offer a wellness program for the patient whose goal is to achieve a higher level of function in fitness, but is not covered under normal insurance policies.  This program is guided by the supervision of a licensed physical therapist and can be modified to meet your fitness goals.

 "A Step to Better Health"






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